Paper Tray Alignment

You get an Input Tray that can be extended upward for handling different kinds of print media. Now load up to 60 sheets within the tray and then enclose it using Input Tray shield. Move the Paper width guide along the Input tray shield until reaching the edge of the loaded papers in order to keep them firm. Get up to 25 sheets of the printouts on your Output Tray present with default tray extender.Download driver from

USB Port

HP DeskJet 3755 is present with USB port for connecting to your personal computer. Printer USB Connection is by default a Plug and Play Installation procedure. Simply install the HP DeskJet 3755 series Software on your computer, laptop and Notebook to instantly establish the Printer USB Connection. Now you can perform the everyday print, copy & scan operations more expedite.Download driver from

Power Saving Mode

Your DeskJet is ingeniously designed to work on a power saving mode. This mode is called a Sleep Mode operation. Whenever your DeskJet goes into Sleep Mode then this is directly indicated by a dimmed Power Light. Your printer sleep mode operation is found to be an automatic occurrence whenever there is no print task assigned for over 5 minutes.Download driver from Unboxing Printer

HP Printer Driver & Firmware Update

On your HP DeskJet Printer you have the option to connect either through Wireless or USB cable. Open the HP DeskJet 3755 series Software and then run Connect a Printer to Web program. Make sure you select wireless connection from the Installer program and then progress further to complete the Driver Installation. Now Click the Print & Scan menu and then select Printer Home Page option. You should be able to get the DeskJet Embedded Web Server homepage loading on your default web browser.

You may now try to update the Driver Software using DeskJet EWS. Click the Web Services heading frame on the EWS homepage to enable it. Move the mouse cursor towards Web Services Settings and then click Setup button. Follow on the screen instructions and then click the Continue button. Click Yes button to accept the Terms of Use. Click Next and then make sure that you have enabled the checkbox termed Install Printer Updates. Click Next to proceed further and to complete the Firmware Updates. You should also try to print the Information Page the sooner your printer gets connected to server.

Web Services Setup

Your HP DeskJet 3755 is built with ePrint Services for establishing a cloud print network. ePrint is a web service that can be instantly enabled on a Press button that is available on your control panel. This is a free service that can be availed by all through registering your printer to HP Connected website. In order to efficiently utilize the ePrint feature then make sure that you are connected to the Internet consistently. You can get the ePrint email address right from the Information Page and thereafter you can enable the remote print facility.

Sign In the HP Connected website to know about the ePrint Job Status, manage print queue and then assign permission to remote users. Now you can print from a category of text, photos and email content etc., Install the ePrint apps on your smart phone and tablet and then select files and Touch OK button. Now search for ePrint Service and then select the desired printer. You may now begin to change the values for print preferences over the smart phone and then Touch Send button to print On the Go.