Ink Advantage

Your DeskJet 5820 is ingeniously designed with a print head that uses drop-on-demand Thermal InkJet Technology for providing a high yield to the Ink present on the reservoirs. In addition you can replenish the Ink Tank System using spill free CMYK Ink bottles. Now you can get the Ink Advantage from the HP DeskJet 5820 Printer. Print unlimited copies of your document without sacrificing on the Quality.You can download software from

Power Saving Mode

You can now operate your DeskJet 5820 on a Power Saving Mode called Sleep Mode. Whenever there is no print task assigned to your printer for over 5 minutes then automatically your DeskJet goes into Sleep Mode operation. This is usually inferred by dimming of the Power button light. You can change the sleep mode time settings directly from the DeskJet Embedded Web Server.You can download software from


Your DeskJet Printer is capable of webscan a document over the Internet Browser. Make use of the DeskJet EWS WebScan tool to scan document and then send it to a shared network, email & web., You get the advantage to quickly scan borderless photos and multi-page documents using the DeskJet Webscan Setup. It is one of the easiest method to establish the Scan Network connection.You can download software from Unboxing Printer

Troubleshooting Manuals

When you purchase the HP DeskJet 5820 you get a printed manual that guides you to efficiently utilize the printer parts. Some of the fine intricate details that is to found from the front view of the printer are Input Tray, Scanner, Output Tray, Ink Tank System, Print Head access door and Control Panel. While using the Input Tray you get the option to use the paper width guide for holding the papers intact. In return you can collect the printouts using your Output Tray Extender. This manual explains you about the usage of the transparent Ink Tank System more clearly.

On the top of the DeskJet 5820 you get a membrane press button control panel menu for operating your printer speedily. Open the Print Head access door to easily troubleshoot the alignment & ink smears issues. From the manual you can refer to the rear end of the printer and know about the printer USB port & Power connection. Your USB cable connection is the only means through which you can achieve the everyday print, copy and scan operations reliably. A Printer Power cord is more than essential to establish the power connection.You can download software from

Wired Printer Setup Guide

By default you can connect the printer to computer on USB 2.0 fast speed cable only. This is the most secured connection using which you can perform the print, copy and scan tasks on everyday basis. On a wired printer setup now you can quickly accomplish multi-page scan documents and then save it according to your needs.

  • Initially try to connect the printer USB cable to the DeskJet 5820
  • Open CD drive and then load the HP DeskJet 5820 series CD to close it
  • Using the Auto Setup Installer try to install the printer software
  • After than you can connect the other end of printer USB cable to computer
  • Since your USB Connection is a Plug and Play method your printer should be identified
  • Otherwise, open printer software and then click print, copy & scan menu
  • Click Connect a Printer on USB connection. Now follow on the screen instructions
  • Ensure to select USB Connect on the installer program and complete the wired printer setup

Open any application and then click File menu and then select print to test the printer setup