USB Port

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 printer is present with an USB Port for connecting it with your computer quickly and reliably. Everlastingly this USB 2.0, a fast speed data cable connection is often used for performing your everyday OJ Pro 6230 operations. USB Connect is one of the most efficient method that is being used to connect printer with a

InkJet Printer

Your printer is built on thermal officeJet print head assembly for readily printing on different kinds of print media. Your OfficeJet Pro 6230 is much suitable for color printing. Your printer 6230 is a multi-task able model that can print in volumes. Now you can get laser sharp documents, envelopes in a print forward design with photos & brochures printing

Update WebServices

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 is a print only device that can be extensively used for ePrint documents. On the OJ Pro EWS homepage you get an easy Update Web Services option to install update about Web Services. Now you can print wirelessly without the need for accessing the Network. Effortlessly you can utilize the mobile device for eprint On the Unboxing Printer

Tips & Tricks Printer

Your OfficeJet Pro 6230 is a color printer that is strictly restricted to Print only limitation. Since all Ink Cartridges that is installed on your printer is pigment based and are dynamic security enabled they do not exhibit any Ink Smears. So you can go ahead and print high quality photos then and there. Also, you have the option to print duplexing documents for rapid fast printing.

  • Open the HP OJ Pro 6230 series software and then click Print to open the Print Preferences
  • You must first select the number of pages to print per sheet and then choose color or black etc.,
  • Click the Paper/Quality frame tab and then select the paper size, type and the print quality
  • Click Advanced button and then begin to sort from Grayscale, Borderless, Booklet & Layout printing etc.,
  • Once you completed the WebServices settings then you can create a desired Print Setup name on the Preset label
  • Click the Printer Name and then choose save as to create the shortcut on the desktop
  • From now on you can use the Preview screen to fast print document with only minimum changes required on Set Preferences
  • You can download driver from or 6230.

HP OJPRO 6230 Print Photos

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 printer is compatible with PCL3 Enhanced language and therefore you can print from Brochures, Flyers & Photos at high resolution. Moreover, your printer is capable of rendering scalable fonts & unique colors so that your printout exhibits longevity and vividness. While printing photos make sure that you always load a stack of new photo cards every time. Use only HP Ink Cartridges to get the best results.

  • Open HP OJ Pro 6230 series software and then try to Set Preference for Photo printing
  • On the Layout preferences window try to select either Portrait or Landscape settings
  • Click Paper/Quality tab on the print preference window and then try to select Photo Paper. Click the Advanced button and then enable Maximum DPI quality
  • Now locate the Paper/Output area and then try to select the correct paper size
  • Click OK button and then close the Preferences window
  • If required, you can save the current print settings on your desktop for re-print photos
  • Click the Preset textbox and then enter a specific name for the shortcut access. Click Printer name and then save the settings over the desktop