USB Port

The multiple USB ports on your printer and your desktop or laptop will enable you to establish wired connection between the devices. By establishing a connection, you will have the access to share documents and photos to the devices and it will also help you in establishing an Internet connection.

Connect Ethernet

Ethernet connection on your printer can be used when your printer does not have a touch screen display. During the software installation process, mention that you will be using USB wireless connection. Now, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the computer and the other end to the printer. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Scan documents

The original document should be placed in such a way that the print side is up and it should align with the edges of the scanner glass. Now, thescan light switched on. Double-click the printer icon on your desktop screen. Click on the Scan option in the printer software and then choose Scan a Document or Photo. Unboxing Printer

HP OJP8725 fax install

How to send a standard fax from the computer (Windows)?

  • Open the document which you want to fax to.
  • Click the File menu on your HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer software, and then choose the Print option.
  • On the Name list, choose the printer which bears ‘fax’ in the name.
  • To change the fax settings, click on the button that opens the Properties box. (Properties may also be called as Options, Printer Setup, Printer or Preferences.)
  • Once you have made necessary changes, click OK.
  • Now, select OK or Print.
  • Enter the recipients fax number; make any last minute changes and the select Send Fax.
How to send a standard fax from the computer (OS X)?

  • Open the document which you want to fax.
  • On your printer printer software, click Print option from the File menu.
  • Choose the printer which has ‘Fax’ in the name.
  • Tap on Fax Recipients from the pop-up menu.
  • Enter the recipients Fax number and other information in the boxes provided. Tap on Add to Recipients.
  • Touch the Fax Mode and other fax options and click Send Fax now.
  • When asked, enter the fax number.
How to send a standard fax?

Users can send a single or multipage fax (in black and white or color) from the HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer’s control panel.

  • Place the original document print side down on the scanner glass or printside up on the ADF.
  • Tap on Fax from the printer’s control panel display screen.
  • Using the keypad, enter the fax number.
  • Choose between Black and Color.

HP 8725 change ink cartridge

  • Ensure that the HP Officejet Pro 8725 printer’s power button is switched on.
  • Open the ink cartridge’s access door and wait for the printer carriage tomove to the center of the printer.
  • Press the ink cartridge to release it from its slot and then pull it towards you.
  • Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging.
  • Using the pull tab, remove the plastic tape. (NOTE: Be careful not to touchthe electrical contacts.)
  • Slide the new cartridge into its color-coded place and let it lock into its slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge’s access door.
  • Repeat the same process for the color and black ink cartridges.

If you want your printer to be operated with only one cartridge, then make use of the single cartridge mode. You can initiate the single cartridge mode by perform ingone of the following steps.

  • Insert only one ink cartridge in the carriage.
  • If you have installed two cartridges already, removing one of them will enable the single cartridge mode.

If the single cartridge mode is activated even if you have installed two cartridges, then check if the protective tape has been removed from the cartridges. If there isno protective tap, then try cleaning the contacts of the ink cartridge.

How to exit the single cartridge mode?

Enter and exiting the single cartridge mode is simply easy. It is based on the removal or addition of one of the cartridges.Install both Black and tri-color ink cartridges in the ink cartridge’s accessdoor.

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