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Refund Policy

We provide solutions to fix the problem happening on your HP printers. will guide or teach you on installation and other troubleshoot mechanism of hp printers.

Subscription charges: offers 90 days, 180 days and 365 days subscription plans for consumers.

We have team of experts who can resolve any issues that related to your printers, at least they will update you the reason if in case you had any hardware issues.

We will offer service, based on plan you choose. Since we have very good experience is resolving your printer issues, we don't usually get refund maximum. However, we have set of Refund policy. When user registers complaint to refunds, we will work on it and refund it back within 30 days of time stamp because of the security measures.

We will provide solution for your problem through chat and call. If your problem is not rectified then we will refund your money. We feel pleasure to offer perfect solution for problem in your printer.

Study about our refund policy before processing your refund request. We can resolve issues you request even on refunds. While request for the refunds you will charged $5 as a refund fee.

Damages caused through electrical or hardware issue later to our services will not be counted in to an account on refunding, so aware about it. ensures that refund will sent to the same bank account for security reasons.