HP DeskJet 3755 Copy feature can be used to print, store to web and email documents. For establishing an easy setup you can make use of the HP AiO Remote Apps from your mobile and then Capture Documents without Network access. Primarily try to select the desired printer and then touch Capture tab. Try to alter the Copy settings and then Touch OK tab. Now your HP Scroll Copy will begin.Download driver from 3755


Using the DeskJet 3755 Printer you can now Mobile Print from documents, notes and photos. Your printer is almost compatible with all Mobile OS including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Amazon Kindle and Chromebook. You can install the AirPrint app on your iPhone and then try to wireless connect with your DeskJet 3755. While accomplish a wireless print task make sure that you choose the correct paper size over the Mobile device. Download driver from 3755


Your HP DeskJet 3755 printer is present with an HP Scroll Scan facility that can be operated both for your Scan and Copy task. Ensure that you feed the document from the right end of the document feeder to scan entirely. You can initiate the scan process by pressing the Copy Color button present on the control panel. Download driver from 3755 3755 Unboxing 3755 Printer

Printer Offline Issue

Printing Issue can occur mostly due to paper jamming and thereafter when printer goes Offline or Paused. Click Start Menu and then open Control Panel window. Double click the Devices and Printers icon to open it in a folder. You should be able to view the list of Printers that is installed to your Operating System. Right Click the HP DeskJet 3755 Printer and then select See What’s Printing option. Your Print Queue window gets displayed instantly. Now uncheck the checkbox that reads Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline.

Now try to give a print command once your DeskJet 3755 comes to Online or Resume mode. If print issues persist then you can try to clear the print queue entirely and then go ahead to re-send the print command once again. In order to achieve this, try to access the printer menu and then click Cancel all documents or Purge Print Document option. If you find it difficult to print any more documents then plainly go ahead and restart your printer setup and computer. You can follow a similar kind of procedures to restore printer to online status for your Macintosh OS.You can download driver from 3755.

Troubleshooting DJ 3755

You may have often observed that the HP DeskJet 3755 Wi-Fi Direct is the root cause of connectivity issues. Open the HP Print and Scan Doctor troubleshooting program to resolve such kinds of issues effectively. You also have the option to access the DeskJet Embedded Web Server and then resolve connectivity issues perfectly. Ensure that you have turned Wi-Fi ON in your Mobiles and Tablets to establish the Wi-Fi Direct Connectivity. Always try to pass over the Wi-Fi Network Authentication Method to establish an secure and reliable network connection.

While on a Wi-Fi Direct Connection try to limit the configuration to only 5 mobile devices and then achieve the required signal strength. Install the correct version of HP AiO remote apps on your mobile and tablets to establish the connection with your printer. If the configured Cloud Devices are at a far distance then you might experience in receptivity losses. Then you can try to relocate the DeskJet 3755 near towards the proximity of mobile devices. You should print the Information page to find out more on Wi-Fi Direct Access details and further to troubleshoot the connection.