123.hp.com/setup - Scan

Use the Scan option on your HP Officejet 4630 printer to preserve important files like legal documents and store itin your computer. To use this option, the HP printer software should be installed on your printer.The printer and computer must be connected properly to an internet connection and should beswitched on.

123.hp.com/setup - Fax

Make sure that your HP Officejet 4630 is fax-compatible to successfully share documents and photos to a recipient. If it is, then you can easily transport legal documents and photos via fax toa particular person through the given fax number. Make sure the recipient also has a fax compatibleprinter with them.

123.hp.com/setup - Copy

As the name suggests, the copy option on your HP Officejet 4630 printer will allow you to take a copy of thedocument for suture purposes. It is to be noted that all the documents copied will be in normalquality print mode. A user cannot change the quality of the print while copying. This option is used for preservation purposes.

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Officejet 4630 ink cartridges install

How to choose right ink cartridges?

It is advisable to use the original HP ink cartridges. The original cartridges havebeen designed and tested with the HP printers to produce excellent results timeafter time.

How to replace the ink cartridges?

  • Cross checked whether your HP Officejet 4630 printer is switched on or not.
  • Stack enough paper on the paper tray.
  • Now, remove the cartridges by opening the access door.
  • Before removing the cartridge, make sure you wait until the print carriagemoves to the right side of the printer.
  • Now, lift the cartridge tab to remove the cartridges from its slot.
  • To insert new ink cartridges, remove them from packaging.
  • Using the pull tab, take off the plastic tape.
  • Now, place new ink cartridge at an angle and slowly push it until it snapsinto place.
  • Close the access door of the cartridge.
  • Align the print cartridges to see if it’s working.
How to use single-cartridge mode?

The single cartridge mode is initiated when an ink cartridge is removed from itsslot in the ink cartridge carriage.

How to exit single-cartridge mode?

Slide in both black and tri-color cartridges in your HP printer to switch to multiplecartridge mode.

Officejet 4630 network troubleshooting

Users can print a network configuration page to know the network settings for the HP Officejet 4630 printer and a list of networks detected by a printer.

How to print the network configuration page?

  • Slide your fingers across the printer’s control panel display screen and thentouch Setup.
  • Go to Print Reports and then tap on Network Configuration Page.This configuration page will bear details of General Information, 802.3 Wired,802.11 Wireless, Wireless Direct and Miscellaneous.



  • Ensure that the printer’s power cord is connected to a working electricalsocket.
  • Also, check the Schedule On and Off feature which will switch off theprinter based on the time you set.

  • Double Check if you have used unused plain papers in the output paper tray.
  • If colored paper is placed in the input tray, the printhead alignment fails.
  • If the printhead fails repeatedly, clean the printhead.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, contact the toll free number on our site.
When paper is not picked up from a tray

  • Ensure that enough paper is placed in the input tray.
  • The paper-width guides should be adjusted to the size of the paper you areloading.
  • It is important that the guides should hold the stack of paper and should notbe tight.
  • The papers in the tray should not be curled.
  • Uncurl the paper by twisting it in the opposite direction.