HP Duplex Print

Go to the Printing Shortcut tab, choose the Two-sided (Duplex) Printing shortcut icon. Click on the other tabs and change the other print settings.Once the first side of your original is printed, follow the on screen prompts to reload the paper and then choose Continue.Click OK to print. Now, your HP Envy 5535 can print documents on both sides of the paper.

Scan to email

Click on the Scan option in the HP Envy 5535printer software and then choose Scan aDocument or Photo.Now, choose the type of scan you need and then tap on Scan Tap on either Email as PDF or Email as JPEG. You will be redirected to thepage where you will see a composed mail with the scanned file attached toit.

HP Ink Advantage

Only the original HP ink cartridges are designed and proven to be more reliable on your HP Envy 5535 printer. If you opt for non-original ink and toner cartridges, it would reflect on your printer performance and will only deliver poor quality prints. You can purchase original ink cartridges on the HP website or enrol yourself on the HP Instant Ink service.

123.hp.com/setup 5535 Unboxing

123.hp.com/setup 5535 Printer

123.hp.com/setup 5535

HP Envy 5535 eprint setup

The HP ePrint option is a service that enables the user to print the documents fromanywhere at anytime. The user has to send the document as an email to thededicated e-mail address to get the print job done. However, you cannot addmultiple id’s in the TO field.

To use HP ePrint, there are certain requirements.

  • Working Internet connection.
  • Email-capable computer
  • ePrint capable HP Envy 5535 printer
How to print documents using HP ePrint?
  • Make sure you have enabled the Web Services.
  • On the device you are using (laptop/mobile devices), open the emailapplication you want.
  • Create a message and attach the file that you want to print.
  • In the TO field, enter the email address that you found in the HP information page. Do not enter multiple email addresses in the TO field. If you want toenter multiple addresses, include it in CC field.
How to find the printer’s email address?
  • Before finding out the email address, ensure that you have a working ePrintaccount.
  • In case you don’t have an email address, go to hpconnected.com to create anaccount for yourself.
  • Open the HP Envy 5535 printer’s control panel and then select HP ePrint option.
  • Now, click on the Information option.
  • Your HP Envy 5535 printer prints an information page in which your designated emailaddress can be found.

How to turn off HP ePrint option?

To switch off the HP ePrint option, press on the HP ePrint option.

HP Envy 5535 airprint setup

  • An Apple device with iOS v4.2 or later operating system
  • An HP Envy 5535 printer with AirPrint enabled in it.
  • Your HP Envy 5535 printer and the Apple device must be connected the same wireless network orensure that your printer supports HP wireless director or Wi-Fi direct.
  • If the printer is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, then begin the process of setting up thewireless connection.
  • Load paper on the input tray and ensure that the paper matches the paper settings printerand the document that you are going to print.
How to print from your Apple iOS device?
  • Ensure that your HP Envy 5530 printer is switched on. In case the printer is in sleep mode, switch it on orpress the Power button to relieve it from the Sleep Mode.
  • On your Apple device, open the document, email, webpage or photo, you would like toprint. Now, tap on the Action icon to display several menu options.
  • Depending on the type of file you wish to print, touch Print or the Print icon.
  • Go to the Printer Options menu and then select the printer’s name in which you want thedocument to be printed.
  • A new dialog box opens and you can click on Options to change the print settings accordingto your need. (NOTE: Few options such as paper size may not be adjusted on your Appledevice. If you still want to adjust, you have the liberty to change it from the printer.)
  • Also, the Options menu might not be visible if your printer uses only black ink.
  • Tap on the Plus (+) or Minus (-) sign to increase or decrease the number of copies you wouldwant to print.
  • Once you specify the number of documents, tap on Print to begin the print job.