Load paper to the input tray. It can be either small photo paper or full-size paper.Lift the lid of the HP Officejet pro 6978 printer’s lid.Place the original document print side down on the right. Now, close the printer’s lid. Tap on Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color and start the copy job.Now, if you want to increase the number of copies, press the button multiple 6978


When you are planning to scan to a computer, make sure that your HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer and thecomputer should be connected to each other and switched on.Place the original document print side down on the right front corner of the scanner glass.For better results, clean your scanner glass so that there are no dust particles or any foreignmaterials on it. If there are, it will affect the quality of the print 6978


The Fax option in your HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer will enable you to transfer important files in asecured manner. From your fax-compatible printer you can easily transport legal documents andphotos via fax to a particular person through the given fax number. Make sure the recipient also hasa fax compatible printer with 6978 6978 Unboxing 6978 Printer 6978

OJPRO 6978 Wireless setup guide


  • Your wireless network connection is properly setup and in working condition.
  • Your HP printer and the computer used should be connected to same wireless network.
  • When asked, enter the wireless network name (SSID) and wireless password.
  • Based on the level of security required, you may have to use a WPA, passphrase or WEP key.

On the printer’s control panel, touch the Wireless button and then tap on Settings. In the list ofoptions available, choose Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the directions to complete the setup.

How to change from a USB connection to wireless network (Windows)?

  • Perform one of the following functions depending on your operating system.
    • Windows 8.1: In the lower left hand corner of the desktop, click on the down arrowand choose your printer name. Now, click on Utilities.
    • Windows 8: Right click on your Desktop screen and choose All Apps on the App bar.From the list of printers available, choose yours and then click on Utilities.
    • Windows7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Click in the following order. Start à AllPrograms à HP àHP Officejet Pro 6978.
    • Download HP OJPRO Software from 6978 or
  • Scroll through the list of options and then choose Printer Setup & Software.
  • Choose Convert a USB connected printer to wireless and follow the instructions.

OJPRO 6978 Wired printer setup guide

How to connect the printer with the USB cable?

  • Take out the software CD that came with the printer and insert it in the CD-ROM drive. (NOTE: Do not connect the USB cable to your HP printer Officejet Pro 6978 untilthe printer asks you to do so.)
  • Carefully, follow the instructions displayed on screen. When you are prompted, select USB option on the Connection Options screen.
  • Complete the process by following the on-screen prompts.

NOTE: If you have successfully installed the software, the printer will function asplug-and- play printer. If you have failed in installing the software, insert the CDagain and follow the same process.

How to change from a USB connection to a wireless connection?

Before you need to change the connection from USB to wireless, check thefollowing:

  • Your HP printer should be connected to your printer via USB cable until youhave been asked to disconnect the cable.
  • Your printer should be connected to the wireless network as your computer.

  • Based on the operating system you use, do the following:
    • Windows 8: On your Start screen, right click on an empty area. Now,tap on All apps from the app bar.
    • Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Desktop - -> Start - -> All Programs - - > HP - - >HP Officejet Pro 6978.
  • From the options available, choose Printer Setup & Software.
  • Tap on Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.
  • Follow the on screen prompts to complete the process.