Ink Cartridges

Your printer requires a pair of HP Ink Cartridges for printing both Color and Monochrome documents. Your Envy 7640 utilizes 4 different types of colors from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black Ink Cartridges for instant ink ready printing. You can operate the Envy 7640 on a flexible Single Ink Cartridge mode for printing using HP Envy 7640 series Software. 7640

Wi-Fi Setup

HP Envy 7640 Wi-Fi Direct Setup is equipped with a powerful signal range for establishing a wireless network setup. Touch Wi-Fi Direct on the magic frame available on the printer menu to enable it. On your windows pc click Manage your Network Connection to find the list of Wi-Fi access. Easily Connect with your printer using the Network Authentication 7640

Power Saving Mode

Sleep Mode is an intelligent power saving mode that is present on your HP Setup 7640. This mode is found to be operational only when there is no print operation being performed for over 5 minutes entirely. You have the option to select from a Scalable time range for setting the Sleep Mode operation. Open the control panel printer menu to achieve the sleep mode time 7640 7640 Unboxing 7640 Printer 7640

How to Setup a Wired Connection

  • Switch ON power for your Envy 7640 and then connect the Ethernet Cable
  • Connect the other Ethernet terminal to your wireless router
  • Ensure that the Ethernet light on the router starts blinking
  • Touch the Control Panel to open the printer menu
  • Scroll and select the Setup option. Scroll down to choose Network Setup and Touch OK
  • Move down the list to select Print Network Settings. Touch OK to print the Network Settings
  • Make a note of the IP Address, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway
  • Open a Web browser and then type in the printer IP Address to open the HP Envy 7640 EWS
  • Click the Networking frame tab and then access the window pane to click Wired option
  • Click Manual IP radio button and then you can enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway over here
  • Click Apply and then go ahead to complete the wired network connection
  • You can restart your computer & printer and then check for the wired connection
  • Now you can automatically reprint the received faxes from the Envy 7640 Web

How to Setup a Wireless Connection

HP Envy 7640 Wireless is a powerful Networking device that has the capability to interconnect many number of wireless devices. Touch the Printer Control Panel and then select Wireless icon from the magic frame. Touch settings and then Select the Auto Wireless Setup Wizard to follow up with the onscreen instructions. Spontaneously your wireless 802.11b/g/n card gets configured over the wireless router. Now look for the wireless router device to get detected on the control panel.

Touch to select the desired router and for the synchronization process to begin. During this process you might have to enter the Wireless Network Name & WEP passkey for authentication. Ensure that the control panel wireless light is steadily glowing. If your printer is on a Ethernet Connection then you might require the HP Envy 7640 series Software to convert this connection to a wireless.

In case you need to convert Envy 7640 USB connect to Wireless then you have to open the Printers & Scanners index from Control Panel. Right click the envy 7640 printer to select Utilities option. Click Printer Setup & Software dialog and then select Convert a USB connect printer to wireless option. Follow up with the onscreen instructions to complete the Wireless Connection Setup.You can download driver from 7640 or