Windows setup

You can setup your 8730 printer on your Windows system. Click on the HP software icon and open it.From the options listed on the menu, click on Tools.Select Device Setup &Software.Also, tap on Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.Follow the instructions displayed on screen to change the connection.

Mac setup

Unbox your 8730 printer and remove the packing tape and materials. Now, remove the sticker rom itscontrol panel. Raise the ink cartridge door by grasping the handles on the either side your printer.Raise it until it locks into place and remove the tape from inside the printer. Now, open the papertray and remove the tape. Push it until it is locked.

Smartphone setup

On your 8730 device, select Network or Wireless menu.Tap on Wireless Setup Wizard.When asked, enter the SSID (network name) and WEP key (password).Your HP Officejet 8Pro 8730 printer will be connected to the wireless network shortly.Now, print a test report to check if everything is fine with the printer. 8730 Unboxing 8730 Printer 8730

HP Mobile printer setup windows

Print from your iPhone with AirPrint, print without a network using Wi-Fi Direct printing, and touch to print with NFC capability. Download the HP Smart app and easily set up this wireless printer, scan documents with your camera, and print from social media or the cloud, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Depending on the operating system you have, you can follow simple steps to setup mobile printing.

For Windows 8
  • Open the files you want to print and look at the options available on the right side of themobile screen.
  • Click on Devices option to see the list of printers available for printing.
  • If the printer you need is not listed, then you need to perform a one-time Add a printer toinstall the in-built driver.
  • Confirm the printer you want to select and appropriate print settings. Now, select Print andenjoy printing.
For Windows 10
  • Select and open the file or photo you would like to print.
  • Now, click on the menu icon that is on the left hand corner of your Windows 10 mobiledevice.
  • From the options displayed on screen, tap on Print.
  • Choose your printer from the list of options available and then change the print settingsaccording to your need.
  • Now, click on Print to get the job done.
  • You can downloaded updated driver and manuals from 8730.

HP Mobile printer setup mac

  • An Apple device with iOS v4.2 or later operating system
  • An HP printer with AirPrint enabled in it.
  • Your HP printer and the Apple device must be connected the same wireless network orensure that your printer supports HP wireless director or Wi-Fi direct.
  • If the printer is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, then begin the process of setting up thewireless connection.
  • Load paper on the input tray and ensure that the paper matches the paper settings printerand the document that you are going to print.
How to print from your Apple iOS device?
  • Ensure that your HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer is switched on. In case the printer is in sleep mode, switch it on orpress the Power button to relieve it from the Sleep Mode.
  • On your Apple device, open the document, email, webpage or photo, you would like toprint. Now, tap on the Action icon to display several menu options.
  • Depending on the type of file you wish to print, touch Print or the Print icon.
  • Go to the Printer Options menu and then select the HP Officejet Pro 8730 printer’s name in which you want thedocument to be printed.
  • A new dialog box opens and you can click on Options to change the print settings accordingto your need. (NOTE: Few options such as paper size may not be adjusted on your Appledevice. If you still want to adjust, you have the liberty to change it from the printer.)
  • Also, the Options menu might not be visible if your printer uses only black ink.
  • Tap on the Plus (+) or Minus (-) sign to increase or decrease the number of copies you wouldwant to print.
  • Once you specify the number of documents, tap on Print to begin the print job.